A pic from the recording of Last Day Of Lux. Do u recognize me?

A pic from the recording of Last Day Of Lux. 
Do u recognize me?

Anonymous said: Sending great big cuddles your way ^-^

Oh, thanks *:

Anonymous said: Sweetcake, i could just eat you up!


Anonymous said: how many girlfriends did you have?:)

None, this far in life.

ministryoflogic7 said: <3 You're amazing!

Thank you darlinggggg <3

Anonymous said: Why aren't you updating Lookbook anymore? Love your style!

No, I don’t really feel like photoing right now. I have my periods when I think it’s super fun, but I don’t feel that way right now. Don’t have the inspiration. But soon!!!
Thanks. <3

Who are u

Who are u

Anonymous said: vilka andra ölsorter är veganska förutom Carlsberg?

Min favoritöl är Staropramen. 
Om du vill veta alla sorter så får du googla på det, orkar inte skriva ner alla veganöl. Haha. c;

Anonymous said: Hej där. Du, angående vegan öl frågan. Vet du alls om Carlsberg är okej? Jag är vegan och dricker ALLTID carlsberg men är osäker om det är veganskt eller ej. Xoxo

Carlsberg är helt ok!

Anonymous said: I hope this doesn't offend you, but I am also a vegan for a year now, I was just wondering do you check the alcohol/beer you drink to be vegan?

Yes I do! 
I almost always drink the same thing, because I know it’s vegan.

Anonymous said: You're beautiful. Greetings from Argentina ☺

Thank you. <3

Anonymous said: Do you like girls?

Yes, I like both girls and boys.

Anonymous said: How do you make friends?

I talk to people!