Super sass wednesday 

Super sass wednesday 

sodatoad said: Har du lastfm?


another hair cut pic

another hair cut pic

waxedviking said: Love your style, I adore your hair, and girl you're just awesome.

Thank u so much, my dear <3

amazarashi said: ahh I love how you looked and how you look and how you will look because your personality is so beautiful that it doesnt matter what your haircolor is or how you choose to style. Like really you are such a big inspiration to me because you just do your thing and to me thats the best thing you can achive. I hope you are happy forever.


Anonymous said: "And I’m not 17 anymore" but you had half green, half pink hair only three months ago.... what

Haha, yeah. I didn’t like it anymore, I thought I would but did not.
I just let it grow and my natural hair color is back now, it feels more like me now. 

Anonymous said: hi jerina. may i ask you, are you still asexual? sorry if this is too personal. take care xx


Anonymous said: But you have friends? Having a boy/girlfriend is pretty much the same as having a best friend, they don't have to be up in your grill at all time. You kind of make me wonder what kind of relationships you have been in.

Yeah, but I do fine with only my friends, I have the best ones ever.
I also have to tell u that I don’t like intimacy, and that is a problem for most people, except me. So relationships does simply not work out very well. 

Anonymous said: Why do you think relationships are pointless?

Because I don’t like having someone never leaving me alone, haha. 
I just don’t like it. I like being alone.



Anonymous said: I miss the way you used to look with the pink and green hair, I admired your style and makeup but now I don't. You just look dirty.

Thanks, I like dirty. Alot.
Iäm tired of always thinking of how I look, it’s kinda pointless. And I’m not 17 anymore, that’s boring tho. I miss being a teenager.

herloveturnedtostone said: Why don't you make videos in English?

I did before! 
But I’m in lack of inspiration atm. 

Anonymous said: Please make new video in englsh. i miss it soo bad

I don’t have any inspiration. :c

Anonymous said: What drugs do you do?

Alcohol and nicotine.